Monday, October 4, 2021

Should you interface your cash register to a DVR with a text inserter? Yes, you probably should.


Text Inserter Features of the SAM4s SAP-630R

A text inserter can really complete the overall effectiveness or a good POS system. If you are not familiar with Text Insertion make sure and watch the video. In a nutshell this feature overlays the items sold by the cashier in live time on your DVR including the price. This feature also will display the cost, the payment and everything about the transaction. What you should know is that almost every SAM4s register model features Text Insertion as a standard feature including the SAP-630R. Using this feature has far more to do with your security system than the register. 

Stop Cashiers from Stealing with Text Insertion

Utilizing this feature can greatly reduce some of the methods cashiers use to steal from the store. We probably can't count the amount of money store owners have lost just to cashiers ringing up a different UPC for their friends rather than what they are taking. So know when you see a case of beer or a carton of cigarettes' going across the counter you can see what is actually being rang up. It is very easy for a cashier to scan a different code like a candy bar as an example. This feature can also help you figure out why cashiers are performing no sales on the register. Are they really making change or are they opening the drawer to take money? How do you do that you are asking? Well because a good security system should also let you search for particular text. Say for example you want to see the video of every "No Sale" a cashier has done. You simply search for No Sale and your DVR should queue up every no-sale so you can review what the cashiers are really doing.   Give us a call at 800-863-2274 or find us for more information. 

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