Monday, October 18, 2021

Are you looking for an upgrade path for the SAM4s SPS-2000 system?


The SAP-6600II is the upgrade path for the SPS-2000 system

The SAP-6600II with SAM4pos is the SPS-2000 replacement System

Probably like many others you have been searching for a great replacement for the SPS-2000 POS system you have probably been using for many years.  I don't blame you at all for looking for a replacement in the same family of products because you probably have been using your system for a long time. It is very common for us to hear from a end-user that has been using the SPS-2000 for 10, or 15 years and its still going. Well if that is your situation too first let me say congratulations, you have gotten a hell of an ROI of your original investment and second I would wonder why you would be looking at anything other than another SAM4s product.

Take a good look at the SAP-6600II and you will find it is the logical replacement for your current POS system. 

There are so many reasons to replace your old system with this new one I thought I would list some of them right here so you can see how similar to the SPS-2000 it is but with some great improvements.

  1. This is a self contained system, no cloud required.
  2. You can purchase this system outright instead of a monthly rental like so many systems on the market today.
  3. You can use any credit card merchant services you would like or none at all. 
  4. This system work in retail or restaurants just like the old one.
  5. Many optional interfaces and add-ons like bar code scanning, kitchen printer, kitchen video, credit card interface, gift card interface, scale, bar code printer and others.
Now lets look at some of the improvements from the SPS-2000 you will find in the SAP-6600II system that you wish you always had, well now you can!
  1. Emailed end of day reports
  2. Reprint Z reports from any days you would like
  3. Mobile reporting app for your phone
  4. 100K UPC capacity
  5.  Interface a bar code printer directly
  6. Searchable PLU's/UPC's that can also be copied and pasted into new items. 
  7. Remote Support
  8. More rear display choices
  9. and many more.

You should reach out and talk to us about upgrading your system

I know this article may sound to good to be true, I can assure you it is not. We have been upgrading people from the older system to this newer one now for about four years with great success. Find out for yourself. Call us at 800-863-2274 or contact us via email here to schedule a free no obligation online or onsite demonstration and you will see we have taken a really good product that lasted for years and turned it into an even better system that should also have a very long life. Check it out online here

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Exporting your database from the SAM4s SPS-520R Register to another system

Export your UPC Database from the SPS-520 Register

We can assist you in an UPC Export from a SAM4s Register

As the popular legacy model SAM4s SPS-520R becomes older we are receiving more and more request from current users to retrieve their UPC Database. This makes a lot of sense of course because you could have many years of UPC items in your register that took hours to create. However, before you just run out and try to create this file there are some things you need to know. We speak to end-users weekly about this very subject so below please find a FAQ about this topic.

  1. First, the good news. Yes you can have a CSV file of your UPC database created from this register.
  2. The bad news is, NO the register can not produce a usable Database on its own, it is not that simple.
  3. Yes even though the register has a USB port and you can back the data up to a flash drive, that is a proprietary database and on it's own won't work. 
  4. Software is required to produce the UPC file you are looking for. The chances of you owning that software is very slim. No the software is not free and it's unlikely you will want to buy it just for this purpose. 
  5. Yes, we provide this service and here is how we do it. You make a back up of the register on a Flash Drive, you email us that file, we take that file and upload into the software, we produce the CVS file, we email you the CSV file. No it is not free unless you are buying a new system from us. If you are moving to a system that has nothing to do with this we charge five hours of labor to complete this.
  6. Keep in mind, we will be exporting what the register contains. That data may or may not match the fields you wish to import in. That has zero to do with our exporting of the data.
  7. Keep in mind the SPS-500 series does not store leading Zeros in a UPC number, you must deal with that in your new system and people do it all the time.

We can import your UPC Database from the SPS-520 into another SAM4s for Free

If you are upgrading to one of the new SAM4s products like the SAP-630R then we will import your data for no charge. Please read that again, no we don't just do this for free, you are required to buy a new system from us if you want to have this done for no cost.  Also if you are calling us to arrange this to use the data in another system, no problem but when you contact us please just tell us what you are doing so we can cut to the chase. We have no problem performing the work for you for a fee. Please don't call and act like a customer just trying to get a file of your prices etc. We know every time what you are asking for and we will both save time if you are just honest. It happens every week and waste our time and yours. 

If you are looking to have this service done for you or perhaps you want to upgrade the system through us than please contact us at 800-863-2274 or at 


Friday, October 8, 2021

Another Pin Pad for SAM4s Cash Registers


The Ingenico Lane 5000 works with SAM4s

We have not only tested the Ingenico Lane 5000 pin pad we have now deployed many of them with several models of SAM4s. Just like the other pin pads we have tested with the SAM4s cash registers and POS it requires a Datacap, which we have discussed before. Most recently our favorite way to deploy Datacap with SAM4s cash registers is the NetEpay Hosted PDC, its more affordable, less hardware, and fewer points of failure. However you can use the Tran Server and IPTran if you would rather. 

What do our customers like about the Lane 5000 w/ SAM4s

before beginning to deploy the Lane 5000 we had already installed a large amount of Lane 3000 pin pads, which were still light years ahead of the old VX-805 everyone installed. However, there was one thing some of our clients didn't like about the Lane 3000. The complaint is that customers using the Lane 3000 think it is touch screen and keep pressing the display where the choice is displayed instead of the button below the display. Now I would like to mention the vast majority of our end-users love the Lane 3000 we only heard these complaints from a handful of customers, however I agree with the critique. I have to admit because the Lane 3000 has a nice bright color display it does appear that you are supposed to touch the screen. Okay, so what is different about the Lane 5000 you might be asking. Well it is simple, the Lane 5000 does feature a touch screen. So, with the Lane 5000 when you get a prompt on the large color screen you do touch the button on the display. Also the Lane 5000 does feature the NFC area on top of the pin pad making it more obvious to your clients. there is an important aspect of the Lane 5000 you should know.  This pin pad is a signature capture pin pad that includes a stylus that is tethered to the device. When using with a SAM4s remove the pen/stylus  because it does not work with SAM4s. Just remove it and head off any confusion. 

Bottom Line Thoughts about the Lane 5000 and SAM4s registers

We like this pin pad and will be deploying many more of them. I do recommend deploying on a stand (like in the image). While it will work on the countertop I don't feel it was really designed that way. The stands are normally available in the $60 range If you are looking for a Pin Pad for your SAM4s give us a call at 800-863-2274 or on the web at

Monday, October 4, 2021

Should you interface your cash register to a DVR with a text inserter? Yes, you probably should.


Text Inserter Features of the SAM4s SAP-630R

A text inserter can really complete the overall effectiveness or a good POS system. If you are not familiar with Text Insertion make sure and watch the video. In a nutshell this feature overlays the items sold by the cashier in live time on your DVR including the price. This feature also will display the cost, the payment and everything about the transaction. What you should know is that almost every SAM4s register model features Text Insertion as a standard feature including the SAP-630R. Using this feature has far more to do with your security system than the register. 

Stop Cashiers from Stealing with Text Insertion

Utilizing this feature can greatly reduce some of the methods cashiers use to steal from the store. We probably can't count the amount of money store owners have lost just to cashiers ringing up a different UPC for their friends rather than what they are taking. So know when you see a case of beer or a carton of cigarettes' going across the counter you can see what is actually being rang up. It is very easy for a cashier to scan a different code like a candy bar as an example. This feature can also help you figure out why cashiers are performing no sales on the register. Are they really making change or are they opening the drawer to take money? How do you do that you are asking? Well because a good security system should also let you search for particular text. Say for example you want to see the video of every "No Sale" a cashier has done. You simply search for No Sale and your DVR should queue up every no-sale so you can review what the cashiers are really doing.   Give us a call at 800-863-2274 or find us for more information. 

Friday, October 1, 2021

The SAM4s SAP-630R was designed for retail stores like C-Stores, Liquor, Smoke and more

 The Features of the SAM4s SAP-630 For Retail

If you are wondering if SAM4s is keeping up with the competition please watch the video above. not only are they keeping pace they are setting the bar. While the rest of the POS world is trying to corral customers into long term contacts and credit card processing accounts SAM4s is not! This is one of the only systems on the market today they you can still just purchase and own outright. Want to use your own credit card provider or perhaps no credit interface at all, no problem!  

Your Data is stored Local not in the cloud, you own your own Data

Yes, you heard that correctly, if you don't want your data in the cloud using this system it wont be. Did you know other POS systems often you don't own your data and those companies use it in all types of ways to benefit themselves, not you? This system the data is yours, it is stored right there in your store and if you don't want to connect this system to the internet than don't.

See if this POS system is for you, if you think it is call us

Watch the video and see what you think. I think you will realize this system was designed from the ground up for mom and pop retail stores that need something between a simple cash register and a high tech POS system. Call us at 800-863-2274 or online at