Thursday, November 3, 2022

New site to buy SAM4s Cash Registers


We have just launched a new website to sell SAM4s cash registers and other POS systems. The reason for this is our original website which is great is about twenty years old now and we want to create a site on a new platform so, we did. We decided to use Shopify which we are very happy with so far. Our old site will continue to be the workhorse it always has been, and not much else will change other than businesses looking to buy a SAM4s cash register will have more ways to contact us. 

The new website will also feature Cash Register Express, bar code scanners, printers, cash drawers and more. Please check it out here EZPOSNOW offers SAM4s Cash Registers and POS systems

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Are you looking for a low cost easy to use Self Serve Kiosk for your restaurant?

 Customers will love your Self Serve Kiosk from SAM4s

Technology like this used to only be available for the big chains. Well now SAM4s has leveled the playing field with their entry into the Kiosk space. Not only is this Kiosk easy for your customers to use but you will find it is very flexible.  This terminal can also be used by cashiers if you want to put it on the counter and then deploy it in the dining room when you want to use it as a Kiosk. What other restaurant Kiosk do you know of that can do that? This system interfaces to kitchen printers and Kitchen Video systems.  When your customer places their order the details are promptly printed or displayed in the kitchen with the order number. You can add a receipt printer to the Kiosk for customer receipts that of course will have the order number printed. you guest will complete their transaction on a credit card pin pad terminal.  

This restaurant kiosk does not require a subscription and works with any credit card company

Our customers really love the fact that unlike other system our Kiosk does not require a subscription and can be bought instead of payments only like so many others. The fact that our Kiosk is not tied to just one credit card payment company empowers you to leverage the best deal you can with any credit card company you wish to work with. Did you know many if not all of the other Kiosk on the market require you to work with a specific processor. 

Support during and after the sale to ensure your Kiosk is custom programmed for your business

When you order your Kiosk from us it will come custom programmed with your menu items and modifiers. When you receive your system we walk you through the set up and train you how to use it. Purchase from us also includes six months of support as well. We are going to make sure you get the most from your investment. Give us a call at 800-863-2274 or for more information check out  Restaurant Self Serve Kiosk System

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Kitchen Video Display for SAM4s Cash Registers and SAM4pos


Yes SAM4s Cash Registers Work with Kitchen Video Display Systems

I think this is a greatly overlooked tool smaller restaurants could be using and you don't have to have an expensive POS system to use one. If you have paid attention when you are dining out whether in fast casual and many table service you maybe noticing Kitchen Video Display systems being used. Well the good news these are affordable for most every level of restaurant now especially paired with a cash register or the SAM4pos system. 

Streamline your kitchen operations with an affordable SAM4s and a Kitchen Video Display System

Using Kitchen Video Display systems allow you to really speed up your operations with fewer errors. By deploying multiple Displays you can easy allow different parts of the kitchen to focus on their task while the entire order is being prepared. As an example the Grill Display will only display the items that cook is concerned with, while the Fry Station Display only shows the items that station should working on, while maybe you add a display at the Expo, pass through or drive through window that consolidates the entire order. 

Find out if you can use a Kitchen Video Display with your existing SAM4s register or select a model that will.

Give us a call at 800-863-2274 and we will be happy to let your know if your existing system will work with a KVS (Kitchen Video System)or not. If your existing equipment wont work we can assist you in selecting a model that does. For more information check out Kitchen Video Display for SAM4s Cash Registers

Thursday, August 25, 2022

NRS Point of Sale Bundles


These POS Bundles from NRS will help you lower your fees to accept credit cards while providing a great point of sale system.

National Retail Solutions (NRS) offers complete systems packaged with credit card processing. The advantage of these bundles are numerous. First you get one stop shopping with one company providing the POS system. Software and support, and merchant services. Not only does NRS offer some great bundles and features you will be able to lower the cost of accepting credit cards with the innovative processing plans. 

They have two different plans available for merchant processing. One of their most popular programs is called Fee Buster where you simply pay $49.95 flat rate to accept credit cards. Yes, that is right only $49.95 a month and that is made possible because this plan utilizes the Cash Discount Plan from Visa and MasterCard. Your customers using credit cards actually pay their own fees every time they use a card. If they pay cash they reap the savings just like you! 

The other plan they offer is the Clean rate program. What makes this plan so "Clean" is that is is a flat rate of 2.49% and .10 per transaction with a $10.00 monthly account fee. Yep, that's it rather you accept $25K or 100K a month.

Please give us a call and we will help you select the right bundle and plan for your business. You can reach us at 800-863-2274 a=or of course check us out on our site too here NRS Retail POS Bundles with processing

Monday, July 11, 2022

Are you looking for a bar code scanner for a SAM4s cash register? If so maybe this is the one you are looking for


Datalogic QS-2131 Bar Code Scanner for SAM4s Cash Registers

We tested the Datalogic QS-2131 Bar Code Scanner on the SAM4s Cash Registers

If you have been trying to find a good bar code scanner for any of the SAM4s cash registers you may have found them to be in short supply. For many years we have always used the Metrologic 9520, 3780 or 7120 and they all worked very well. The problem of course is the supply chain issues and for some reason that has affected serial devices more that USB and most of the SAM4s line up requires Serial (RS-232)

So we started ordering in different scanners to test. We have used the higher end Datalogic scanners before so we made sure to bring in an entry level model with the correct interface options. We brought in three different manufactures scanners and we think this one is a winner. After testing this scanner I would be selling it even if there were not supply chain issues. I don't know why we never tried it before but I'm glad we finally did. 

The Datalogic QS-2131 is a solid option for the line up of SAM4s cash registers. In our trsting it was fast and scanned from quite a difference. We tested on all the SAM4s models so we already know what you will need to make it work with your SAM4s cash register. Just like most scanners that work with SAM4s registers they are not plug and play. There are several specific programming task that must be performed before using it but they don't take long and you will be up and running. You can find this scanner on our site now at Scanners for SAM4s cash registers or give us a call at 800-863-2274  

Friday, May 6, 2022

Many models of SAM4s are back in stock


After months delay Most SAM4s Cash Registers are back in stock

The supply chain crisis even affected cash register supply but after many months of waiting we have most models available again. We are still waiting on a few popular models like the SPS-345 but the good news is they have landed in the USA and cleared the port. As of May 6th 2022 they are on trucks headed to the warehouse! So even those will be available again very soon. The models that came in today ready to ship out to you include

  • ER-260EJ
  • ER-265EJ
  • ER-180
  • ER-915
  • ER-920
  • ER-925
  • ER-940
  • ER-940
  • SAP-630R
  • SAP-6600II
And as we mentioned above the SPS-300 series should be rolling in any day now. To place your orders call us at 800-863-2274 or order online at The Cash Register Guys 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

SAM4s ER-180U back in stock


Finally the ER-180U is available and in stock, but not for long

If you have been waiting a while to order or receive your simple cash register the model ER-180U you might be in luck. Just today we unloaded a truck load of them. Even though we had a lot of back orders to fill we still have a few left so don't wait long if you need one. If you are not familiar with this model it is a super simple entry level cash register. If you need a more complex POS system we have those too. If you are unsure what you might need for your store or restaurant than give us a call at 800-863-2274