Tuesday, September 28, 2021

How to add a new employee in the SAP-6600, SAP-530, and SAP-630


Guide to adding a new employee/cashier in SAM4pos

In this video we show you how to add a new employee and/or cashier into your point of sale system. When you add an employee you have the option of setting an authority level, which cash drawer they should use and a few other options. If you are using the system for time and attendance and the employee is not a cashier you would still set that person up in this fashion just don't assign a cash drawer. 

If you have questions or need support just call us at 800-863-2274. We also have many other videos on this system posted on our Cash Register Guys YouTube channel here or visit our site SAM4s SAM4pos System here. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Scan Data for the SAM4pos System


Scan Data is now available for the SAP-530R, SAP-630R, and the SAP-6600

Now you can use your SAM4s system to tap into the Scan data program. In the past only the larger chains were able to leverage this profitable system, now everyone can. BandyWorks has developed an interface for the SAM4pos products to be able to offer the reimbursed Multi-Pack discounts, Loyalty Discounts and the Scan Data rebates. 

Use Scan Data to Drive Higher Sales and Repeat Customers

When your store is empowered by Scan Data your customers will be coming back to take advantage of the multi pack discounts, which will increase your in store sales. We make it easy to interface your SAM4s cash register or POS system to Scan Data. Give us a call at 800-863-2274 for more information or visit our site at Scan Data for SAM4s

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How to add an item to a screen in SAM4pos

See how easy it is to add an item to a screen in  the SAM4pos system 

One of the most common question we get from a SAM4pos client is how do we add an item to one of our POS windows. Well with this video we take all the mystery out of that task. As you can see from the video it is a simple procedure. One of the things many of our client enjoy about the SAM4pos is they can maintain it themselves. There are many other things to like of course but that is always high on the list. 

You should remember that before you attempt to place an item on a screen that the item already exist. If not make sure you add it first before following the instructions in our video. 

Buy from the experts and you will always have support

We hear from SAM4s users every week that are looking for help because they bought from someone that has no idea what they are doing. Sadly there are some companies selling SAM4s products that should not be. Not to worry we will help you of course for a fee. But skip the pain and just buy from the SAM4s experts in the first place. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

Quick Overview of how to move around in SAM4pos


Overview of SAM4pos on the SAP-6600 and SAP-630

In this video we show you how to navigate the different menus and what they each do. This will be the same for the following models SAP-530R, SAP-530F, SAP-630R, SAP-630F, SAP-6600, and SAP-6600II. 

The SAM4s POS system is designed for both retail and restaurant applications. 

This video is helpful regardless of whether you are using the SAM4s software in a retail or restaurant environment. The system is very comfortable in either environment but you would set the system up appropriately  depending on the business you are setting it up for. 

If you are looking to implement a SAM4pos system or need help contact us

Our company National Business systems AKA "The Cash Register Guys" are the experts of the SAM4pos system. We sell, and support this system all over North America. We can also help you if you bought from a company that does not know what they are doing. Call us at 800-863-2274 or on the web at www.cashregisterguys.com