Monday, September 13, 2021

Quick Overview of how to move around in SAM4pos


Overview of SAM4pos on the SAP-6600 and SAP-630

In this video we show you how to navigate the different menus and what they each do. This will be the same for the following models SAP-530R, SAP-530F, SAP-630R, SAP-630F, SAP-6600, and SAP-6600II. 

The SAM4s POS system is designed for both retail and restaurant applications. 

This video is helpful regardless of whether you are using the SAM4s software in a retail or restaurant environment. The system is very comfortable in either environment but you would set the system up appropriately  depending on the business you are setting it up for. 

If you are looking to implement a SAM4pos system or need help contact us

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