Monday, November 15, 2010

What is the SAM4s SPS-500 Cash Register Series?

SAM4s SPS-520R Cash Register
The SAM4s SPS-500 series Cash Register including models:

The 500 series from SAM4s is one of the best if not the best selling cash registers on the market today. People always want to know what the difference are between the different models. Below is the explanation

  • The R in the model number indicates a raised keyboard. This style of tactile keyboard in most often asscoitated to retail stores.
  • The F in the model number tells you the model features a flat keyboard designed for food service.
  • A 520 has both a receipt and journal printer and uses 2.25″ thermal paper
  • A 530 has only one printer which uses 3 1/8″ thermal paper designed for a guest check or large receipt
So to recap R stands for raised and is for retail, F is for flat and is for restaurant. The SPS 520 has two on-board printers, and the SAM4s SPS 530 a large 3 1/8th" thermal single station printer.

Hope that helps.