Friday, October 8, 2021

Another Pin Pad for SAM4s Cash Registers


The Ingenico Lane 5000 works with SAM4s

We have not only tested the Ingenico Lane 5000 pin pad we have now deployed many of them with several models of SAM4s. Just like the other pin pads we have tested with the SAM4s cash registers and POS it requires a Datacap, which we have discussed before. Most recently our favorite way to deploy Datacap with SAM4s cash registers is the NetEpay Hosted PDC, its more affordable, less hardware, and fewer points of failure. However you can use the Tran Server and IPTran if you would rather. 

What do our customers like about the Lane 5000 w/ SAM4s

before beginning to deploy the Lane 5000 we had already installed a large amount of Lane 3000 pin pads, which were still light years ahead of the old VX-805 everyone installed. However, there was one thing some of our clients didn't like about the Lane 3000. The complaint is that customers using the Lane 3000 think it is touch screen and keep pressing the display where the choice is displayed instead of the button below the display. Now I would like to mention the vast majority of our end-users love the Lane 3000 we only heard these complaints from a handful of customers, however I agree with the critique. I have to admit because the Lane 3000 has a nice bright color display it does appear that you are supposed to touch the screen. Okay, so what is different about the Lane 5000 you might be asking. Well it is simple, the Lane 5000 does feature a touch screen. So, with the Lane 5000 when you get a prompt on the large color screen you do touch the button on the display. Also the Lane 5000 does feature the NFC area on top of the pin pad making it more obvious to your clients. there is an important aspect of the Lane 5000 you should know.  This pin pad is a signature capture pin pad that includes a stylus that is tethered to the device. When using with a SAM4s remove the pen/stylus  because it does not work with SAM4s. Just remove it and head off any confusion. 

Bottom Line Thoughts about the Lane 5000 and SAM4s registers

We like this pin pad and will be deploying many more of them. I do recommend deploying on a stand (like in the image). While it will work on the countertop I don't feel it was really designed that way. The stands are normally available in the $60 range If you are looking for a Pin Pad for your SAM4s give us a call at 800-863-2274 or on the web at

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