Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The SAM4s SPS-520 Register

The SAM4s SPS-520 register is one of our best selling cash registers. Affordable yet packed with features often only found in expensive POS systems you will get your monies worth when you buy the SAM4s SPS-520. There are two models of the 520 with an F version and an R version. The F version known as the 520F features a flat keyboard designed for food service while the R model AKA 520R ships with a raised keyboard made with a retail store in mind. Both models feature a receipt and journal. If you are looking at any high end cash register make sure and investigate the SPS-520 series

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cash Register Credit Card Interface

Many people ask us about interfacing their cash register with a credit card terminal which is a great idea. You will make more profit by reducing errors and fraud while speeding up transactions. The leader in this technology is the Cash Register Guys using SAM4s registers and Datacap Twin Tran terminals.

You can reduce errors and fraud when you interface credit card payments with your cash register. Also add your own private label gift card to the mix!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Features in SAM4s Cash Registers

In 2011 we saw several cash registers come onto the market and in 2012 we should see a few more. We are very happy to see a few developments with the new releases from SAM4s. First and foremost every new product they released is now coming with an SD card port for backing up programs, upgrading ROM, and taking reports. Do not forget to invest a couple bucks and buy yourself an SD card to back up your register program! Second thing we like is that SAM4s came out with two of each model, one with a receipt only and a second one with a receipt and journal! Several of their older models had only a receipt which is fine for most operators however it did force a few people to buy more register than needed to get that receipt. You will see the 900 series was release with both choices of a receipt or receipt and journal. Lastly almost every SAM4s now comes with Free Utility Software that allows you to program the register from a PC if you want to. Check out the new 900 series already released and the soon to be release SAM4s 300 series.

Monday, March 5, 2012

SAM4s ER-920 Review

The SAM4s ER-920 is a new model in the 900 series. At first glance we really like it for a few reasons. First it features a nice large flat keyboard designed for restaurants. Second it includes an SD card port standard. SAM4s Cash Registers are one of the first to start including an SD card port in commercial grade cash registers. This feature alone has the abilty to save end-users hundreds of dollars should reprogramming ever be required not to mention the firmware of the register can be upgraded with this feature. Free software is also available with this register however we still prefer to program directly on the register in most cases but the option is there for you. This register has a few more of our favorite high end features such as integrated credit card and gift card option. Couple minor things in the negitive column which are not an issue for most of us. First this machine can have a maximum amount of 2000 PLU's and does not include IRC again features that will not affect most users and of course SAM4s makes several models that would handle those needs.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

SAM4s Cash Registers

We continue to like the all the models of SAM4s Cash Registers including the new models and the old popular models. The 300 series should be coming out soon but if you can't wait then check out the 500 series, 900 series or the old standby model 650.