Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Exporting your database from the SAM4s SPS-520R Register to another system

Export your UPC Database from the SPS-520 Register

We can assist you in an UPC Export from a SAM4s Register

As the popular legacy model SAM4s SPS-520R becomes older we are receiving more and more request from current users to retrieve their UPC Database. This makes a lot of sense of course because you could have many years of UPC items in your register that took hours to create. However, before you just run out and try to create this file there are some things you need to know. We speak to end-users weekly about this very subject so below please find a FAQ about this topic.

  1. First, the good news. Yes you can have a CSV file of your UPC database created from this register.
  2. The bad news is, NO the register can not produce a usable Database on its own, it is not that simple.
  3. Yes even though the register has a USB port and you can back the data up to a flash drive, that is a proprietary database and on it's own won't work. 
  4. Software is required to produce the UPC file you are looking for. The chances of you owning that software is very slim. No the software is not free and it's unlikely you will want to buy it just for this purpose. 
  5. Yes, we provide this service and here is how we do it. You make a back up of the register on a Flash Drive, you email us that file, we take that file and upload into the software, we produce the CVS file, we email you the CSV file. No it is not free unless you are buying a new system from us. If you are moving to a system that has nothing to do with this we charge five hours of labor to complete this.
  6. Keep in mind, we will be exporting what the register contains. That data may or may not match the fields you wish to import in. That has zero to do with our exporting of the data.
  7. Keep in mind the SPS-500 series does not store leading Zeros in a UPC number, you must deal with that in your new system and people do it all the time.

We can import your UPC Database from the SPS-520 into another SAM4s for Free

If you are upgrading to one of the new SAM4s products like the SAP-630R then we will import your data for no charge. Please read that again, no we don't just do this for free, you are required to buy a new system from us if you want to have this done for no cost.  Also if you are calling us to arrange this to use the data in another system, no problem but when you contact us please just tell us what you are doing so we can cut to the chase. We have no problem performing the work for you for a fee. Please don't call and act like a customer just trying to get a file of your prices etc. We know every time what you are asking for and we will both save time if you are just honest. It happens every week and waste our time and yours. 

If you are looking to have this service done for you or perhaps you want to upgrade the system through us than please contact us at 800-863-2274 or at 


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