Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Computerized Cash Register

The SAP series from SAM4s which includes the 530R, 530F, 630F, 630R, 4800II and the 6600 powered by the  SAM4pos really are computerized cash registers. These are purpose built Android terminals. Don't waste your time with a tablet when you really need a cash register with Android features.

These are great terminals for convenience stores, liquor stores, pharmacies, restaurants and more. Many add on options like bar code scanners, kitchen printers, kitchen video and many more. Do yourself a favor and check this system out before buying another POS system. For more information visit our SAM4s POS page.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Interface the Berg Liquor Control System with SAM4s cash register

Did you know that most SAM4s cash registers interface with the Berg Liquor control system? Many places use a BERG liquor control system to control their pour cost. If you have never seen one they are pretty impressive. When the bartender pour a liquor the BERG rings that item up on the cash register automatically.  Staff will not be able to pour a drink without that item being rang up in the POS system.

For help selecting the correct SAM4s cash register to interface with the BERG give us a call at 800-863-2274

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The replacement for the popular SAM4s ER-5215M

The SAM4s ER-5215M was a best seller for many years. All good things must come to an end so it is no longer available. The good news is the SAM4s ER-915 has been released to replace it. This is a great machine too. It comes out of the box with 7 buttons instead of 5 like the ER-5215M and upgradeable to 14 instead of 15 however most people did not upgrade the 5215M often. Here is a video we have made of the ER-915

For more information please visit our SAM4s ER-915 Cash Register page or of course call us at 800-863-2274

Monday, March 18, 2019

SAM4s SAP-630R and 630F now released


The new SAM4s SAP-630 series features a faster processor than its predecessor. Other than being faster you won't notice a difference.  The application of SAM4pos is exactly the same. All the add-on options are the same, bar code scanners, bar code printer, mobile reporting app and more.

For more information please visit our SAM4pos page or call us at 800-863-2274