Friday, March 29, 2013

SAM4s cash registers

SAM4s cash registers

SAM4s cash registers

In the last year SAM4s has released several new models of cash registers that include some much awaited features. The first improvement is they release the new models in several formats. Each new model is available in a flat keyboard with restaurants in mind or raised keys thinking of retail applications. They did not stop there however because they also released a version of each with a receipt only or a receipt and journal. In the past people might have passed up a cash register that was perfect for them in every way other then it only had a single station printer, well know you chose with printer configuration you want!

The newest models from SAM4s cash registers offer interfaced credit card options and gift card interfaces. Other then the choices in keyboard and printers they also all have in common is that they the all have an SD card port that we in the business have been dreaming about for a long time. Now you can back up the program that may have taken hours to complete, send reports to the SD card and even update the software version of the cash register! This can save the dealer and the end-user hours in the long run!

The new models I'm talking about are the following
All of these models are very scalable and programmable to meet a wide range of stores and restaurants. If you need help selecting one let us know and we can help you out 1-800-863-2274

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SAM4s cash registers North America


SAM4s Cash Registers

We sell SAM4s cash registers all over North America from our office here in Seattle. Our staff has been supporting these registers including those with the Datacap TwinTran credit card interface over the phone for over ten years now. Our company started in 1972 and we have been expanding ever since.

We routinely sell SAM4s cash registers in California and New York as well as Seattle. Some customers do their own programming ans some have us do it all before we ship. Our staff are all experts in cash registers and can help you select the right one or support the one you have. Even if you did not buy the machine from us we can support your cash register in most cases. We have helped customers with SAM4s cash registers in Texas, Florida and more even though they were bought elsewhere. That does not mean the support is free of course but we have reasonable rates and you will be impressed by our techs.

So wherever you live we may be able to help you with your new cash register purchase or support. Give us a call and see if we can help you 1-800-863-2274

Monday, March 25, 2013

Only one SAM4s cash register that uses bond paper and has a receipt and journal

SAM4s ER-5115-II cash register

SAM4s ER-5115-II

Like most cash register compnaies SAM4s has also nearly stopped making a register that uses standard bond paper instead of thermal paper. Sharp cash registers does not even make a register any longer that uses bond paper.

The SAM4s ER-5115-II is the only register from a major manufactuer that has both a receipt and journal printer that uses bond paper and validates! There is also the SAM4s ER-655-II but it is receipt only and does not validate.

Although in most cases thermal printing machines are more economical but in some places thermal paper is hard to find or you may to to validate something.

The SAM4s ER-5115-II does not interface with a Datacap or much else it is a entry level cash register. Any questions please give us a call at 1-800-863-2274

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Your cash register is important so buy a good one

So you are investing a great deal of money opening your new business, maybe you are going into debt to open your dream store or restaurant. You are making sure you sell great products, have a great staff, your signage looks great because you spared no expense!

Well then don't wait for the last minute and buy a cheap cash register of POS system like so many people do. All of the return on your investment is going to come through your cash register or POS system. The cashiers will be handling all of that money before you get it back! The cashiers will tell the customers what they owe for their purchases. Do you want to risk that to a cheap cash register or POS system that lacks the proper controls? Would you use a bank that store your money in a cigar box and had lax security and record keeping? Of course you would not.

Lets talk about cashiers first. Yes most of your employees will be great honest folks that work hard! I know you don't want to hear this but I'm going to tell you anyway. You are going to hire someone soon if you have not already that is going to steal as much as they can from you while smiling and looking like a great employee! Yes I already know you are going to say not my employees they are like family! I have heard it all before and unfortunately every time I think I have seen it all before a client will come to us for help finding out where their money is going! I have had clients tell me there is no way an employee would do that as I show them in black and white how their employees are stealing from them and they don't believe me. I have seen many of those same people close up shop because they are not making enough money to keep the doors open.

So before you buy that $129.00 cash register at the big box store keep this in mind. Look at the list below for some important things to look for in a cash register
  • You want a cash register that interfaces to credit card payments.
  • If you are a retail store consider bar code scanning to ensure the correct price is registered for the item being sold.
  • Make certain your cash register is capable of 4 sales tax rates.
  • Make sure you can get support for your cash register over time. Sales tax rates change all the time! You don't want to find out at the end of the year you under collected sales tax on a million dollars in sales do you?
  • Understand your sales reports and the built in security features.
Did you know the cash register was invented by a bar owner that knew his bartenders were stealing from him! The only thing that has changed is the technology! Need help call us at 1-800-863-2274

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frozen yogurt store cash registers

SAM4s ER-285M

SAM4s ER-285M Yogurt Store cash register

SAM4s makes some great cash registers for frozen yogurt stores that sell yogurt by the ounce. Starting at just a couple hundred dollars and up they offer quite a few choices. All of these will interface to a scale in order to weigh the yogurt and toppings by the ounce instead of by tenths of a pound as most registers and scales work.

Programming a yogurt store cash register in almost every case is very easy as most have the same price per ounce and also sell a few grab and go items as well.

Almost all of these machines can interface your cash register with credit card payments by using the Datacap TwinTran device.

On the low end you could look at the SAM4s ER-285M and the high end the SAM4s SPS-530F and there are several in between those models.

Need help selecting one just give us a call at 1-800-863-2274

Friday, March 8, 2013

SAM4s ER-5200M compared to SAM4s SAM4s ER-940

SAM4s ER-940 cash register
SAM4s ER-940 cash register

The SAM4s ER-5200M has been on the market for some time now and has been a terrific cash register with it's large keyboard and two station printer. Last year SAM4s released the ER-940 model cash register which will eventually replace the 5200M register.

That does not mean the SAM4s 5200M is not still a viable register. For example if you already owned 5200M cash registers and had a program developed that you like why not continue to buy them. you know how they work, you know the reports and you can save time and money by transferring the program with the utility software.

If you are in the market for the first time for a cash register I would not recommend the 5200M but rather steer you towards a SAM4s ER-940 or one of the other 900 series registers and the reasons are numerous.

Both the 5200M and the ER-940 are very similar. Both have a large flat keyboard, both have a two station printer with receipt and journal and both have the ability to interface with the Datacap Twin Tran credit card interface.

Where they are different is in the fact the SAM4s ER-940 has an SD card port for backing up and restoring you program, also the machine features flash rom technology so you can upgrade your cash register as SAM4s release new versions of it. The SD card port is worth making the change as it will allow you to deploy new machines completely programmed in just a matter of minutes after your original register has been programmed.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SAM4s cash registers with scanning

SAM4s makes many different cash registers that support bar code scanning. Some can have more UPC's then others but most can scan.

Make certain you plan for the number of UPC code you will need before you buy your new cash register. Also keep in mind that many cash register can have their memory expanded, the procedure will erase the current database of UPC codes so make sure you have a method to back up the program if you do not want to recreate the file.

Also make sure you select a barcode scanner that suits your store best. A high volume store like a c-store perhaps should look at an omni directional scanner. If you are not as high volume a single line scanner may work great for you!

If you will be managing a large UPC file you may also want to invest in polling and programming software such as PC Poll that allows you do manage your file on a PC instead of directly on the cash register.

Take a look at the SAM4s cash registers that offer bar code scanning or give us a call at 1-800-863-2274 for help selecting the right one for your business.