SAM4s ER-900 series cash register

The SAM4s ER-900 Cash Register series is made up of four models each with their own unique features. All four of the registers mid level register with two designed for retail and two for restaurants. There are two differences in the models. Two of the models are for retail and have raised keys, two are designed for food service and have flat keyboards. The next difference is the in each vertical there is a model with a receipt only and a model with bot receipt and journal.

All the 900 series cash registers have an SD card port which is very nice, can have interfaced credit card and gift card as well as all the traditional options like scanner and kitchen printers.

One new feature that seems to be a trend in cash registers is that all four models are black. For whatever reason the new trendy black machines look great. They appear smaller (there not) and they seem to remain clean looking for a very long time. Great choice in color and seems to be sticking around since all the new SAM4s and Sharp models released in the last few years are all black.

The four models break down like this:

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