Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SAM4s ER-285M and ER-265M Cash Registers with Free Software

So I heard some sites are charging customers for the software that comes FREE from the manufacture for the SAM4s ER-285M and the ER-265 Cash Registers.

The Cash Register Guys give you the software for free when you buy the register from them. You still have to buy the cable of make your own, but that is still a savings of $99.00 compared to some of the sites that are gouging customers for software that is really free, shame on them.

So to buy a SAM4s ER-285M or SAM4s ER-265 Cash Register check the Cash Register Guys, they treat you right.

Friday, October 17, 2008

POS Systems In Seattle

If you need a POS System in Washington State look no further then National Business Systems, Inc. POS Systems and Cash Registers in Seattle

They are a full service Cash Register and POS System Dealer offering SAM4s Cash Registers, Sharp Cash Registers, Keystroke POS, Microsoft POS, Microsoft RMS, Digital Dining, Aldelo, and more.

SAM4s ER-650 Interfaces

We get a lot of questions regarding the different interfaces available for the SAM4s ER-650 and ER-650R Cash Registers. If you don't know the differance between the two models the ER650 and the ER650R is that one has a flat keyboard for a restaurant (650) and the other is a raised keyboard designed for retail (the 650R) other then that they are the same machines

So the interfaces are many, however the available ports are few. The Samsung ER-650 and ER-650R only have two serial ports and no option for more. So keep that in mind that yes the machine can have a bunch of stuff connected it can only have two of them at the same time. So here ya go for the list of interfaces I know of
  • PC (SAM650 and SAM650i and PC POLL)
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Kitchen Video
  • DVR Text Inserter
  • Coin Changer
  • Pole Display
  • Liquor Dispenser
  • Guest Check Printer
  • Scale
  • Credit Card Interface (High Speed and Dial)
  • Gift Card Interface
  • Pin Pad Interface

There may be a few more but I don't think so.