Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Bar Code Scanner for SAM4s cash register update

Honeywell 9520 Bar Code Scanner

Well it was going to happen eventually but it is still hard to believe the Honeywell 9520  bar code scanner has been discontinued. This has been a best selling scanner for over a decade. Affordable, fast and rugged were the hallmarks of the Honeywell 9520.

The 9540 will still be available however Honeywell is raising the price to a level we feel is not as great a value like the 9520 always was. So we started thinking about scanners and which model will become our go to scanner. We think we have decided on the CODE CR950 for several different reasons. First it is affordable, it is an image scanner so a better pattern than the 9520 was, it is presentation or handheld, serial or USB. We really think this is a great replacement.
CODE CR950 bar code scanner for SAM4s registers
CODE CR950 Bar Code Scanner

For more information you can visit CODE scanner for SAM4s cash register or of course call us at 800-863-2274