Monday, June 25, 2012

SAM4s Cash Register Line Up

If you are looking for a cash register you have a lot of great choices from SAM4s. They offer models for retail stores, restaurants, bars, clubs and more. Whether you need bar code scanning or kitchen printing you will find several models in every price range. With todays modern technology you can also interface your cash register with a credit card terminal.

SAM4s offers aggressive features and pricing. You will find practical features that will save you time and money while securing your return in your business investment!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

SAM4s SPS-2000 Cash Register System Review

Many people are confused and think the SAM4s SPS-2000 is a computer when it really is a high end touch screen cash register. One of the most durable touch screen systems we have ever seen in our years of installing touch screens. being a ROM based cash register the SPS-2000 is not susceptible to computer virus's, hard drive crashes or employee's playing games on them when they should be working!

The SPS-2000 is also very cost effective and total cost of ownership will also be much lower than a PC system. You will find all the features needed to be a complete system like credit card interface, gift card interface, kitchen printers, kitchen video, back office computer interface, remote reporting and much more.

If you have been burns by buying a computer based POS touch screen system than try the SPS-2000 and you will be pleased.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Datacap TwinTran

Interfacing a cash register with credit card payments in most cases will require a Datacap TwinTran which connects to your cash register's serial port and to your Internet connect and phone line (for back up)

This turns your cash register into a credit card terminal reducing fraud and errors. And advantage as if reducing errors and fraud were not enough it also speeds up your customer lines! It is a win win for the business owner, the cashier and the customer!

The Datacap Twin Tran also processes Gift Cards as well.
The Twin Tran from Datacap to interface Cash Register to Credit Card
Datacap Twin Tran Example

Monday, June 18, 2012

Credit Card Interface and SAM4s Cash Registers

SAM4s makes quite a few cash register models that interface with credit card payments. What does that mean? Well it means rather than having to ring up the sale on the cash register and than re-enter the total on a stand alone credit card terminal risking error and fraud it is all done at the cash register, no re-entering, no mistakes all done in one machine.

As described above the biggest advantages of integrating credit card payments and cash registers is that by eliminating the extra steps that are part of the traditional method you will also reduce costly errors and often stop or reduce fraud dramatically.

Ten key errors happen all the time in the old school method of two different machines. A $14.99 often will turn into a $1.49 or $4.99 instead of the original value. How does this happen? Well you have a busy cashier that has to deal with two machines. The cashier gets the total from the cash register $14.99 then turns to the standalone credit card terminal and enters what they think is $14.99 and the enter key. The customer rarely complains when the sales draft is under the purchased amount. The cashier does not notice and finishes the sale on the cash register shorting your store $10.00 all while thing they are doing a goo job.

How does interfacing stop this? Well when you interface you do everything on the cash register. So in this example the cashier rings up the sale just like normal, gets the subtotal just like before. Now starts the difference when the customer hands a credit card to the cashier the cashier simply press the credit card payment button on the cash register, this prompts the cashier to swipe the card without entering the sale amount. The cash register already knows how much the sale is and has entered the correct amount, now the credit card receipt prints on the cash register receipt tape for the customer to sign and the cashier moves to the next transaction. Much faster and much fewer error. People sometimes ask if they can change the amount of the credit card payment. The answer is yes they can but they must make a choice to do that and would only do so in the case of a split tender which does happen from time to time. Even in a split tender case the register will still force the cashier to finalize the sale.

Speed, accuracy, less or no fraud why would you not interface your cash register and credit card payments and throw your stand alone  credit card machine in the dust bin of history where it belongs.

Monday, June 11, 2012

SAM4s cash registers and Datacap Twin Tran

Certain models of SAM4s cash registers can interface with credit card payments making your cash register much more secure. Cash Register Credit Card interface does require a 3rd party device call a Datacap TwinTran Credit Card interface. Some end users purchase the Datacap device and others receive it at not up front cost and a low monthly cost when they process credit card with Mercury Payment Systems who also offer a free gift card program to their customers. However you do it interfacing your cash register and credit card payments makes sense and makes you more money by eliminating many errors and reducing or eliminating fraud.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SAM4s SPS-300 series

We have now installed several of each of the SAM4s SPS-300 series which consist of the following cash register models.
We have had great success with each install and they are all going very well. We will be deploying more this week and next. Pretty sure these registers are going to be a huge hit for SAM4s line up of cash registers.