Friday, July 24, 2009

SAM4s SPS-520 Cash Register

So the wait is over! The SAM4s SPS-520 series has been released. What a cool machine this register is. This cash register features a standard cash register keyboard and a touch screen. The best of both worlds is found with the SAM4s SPS-520 Series.

The SAM4s SPS-500 series is comprised of several models.
  1. The SAM4s SPS-520rt which is a raised keyboard register with a two station printer. The cashregister is designed for retail stores and includes options like bar code scanner and credit card interface
  2. The SAM4s SPS-520ft comes with a flat keyboard designed for all types of restaurants. Plenty of options like Kitchen Printers, Kitchen Video, and Credit Card Interface
  3. The SAM4s SPS-530rt is just like the 520rt except it comes standard with a single station 3" printer.
  4. The SAM4s SPS-530ft is also just like the 520ft keybaord except is has the single 3" thermal printer instead of the dual station found on the 520ft.

The SPS-500 series is priced right, and has very affordable options.