Cash Register Credit Card Interface

Most of today's electronic cash registers can interface to credit card payments directly allowing you to rid yourslef of that pesky standard credit card terminal.

SAM4s cash registers like most of the world's cash register interface to credit card and gift card by using products from Datacap Systems. They have been making interfaces for years and are for sure the leader in North America. I have only seen one other interface on the market however it is under license to casio at the writing of this page and available only through United Bank Card however I have deployed many of these as well and they seem to work very well.

With Datacap you have several options in getting one for yourself. You can simply buy one and I'll refrain from posting a price as things change all the time. You can also lease one from several Merchant Services that specialize in Credit Card Cash Register/POS interfaces such as Mercury Payment Systems.

Some SAM4s Register require a Datacap per register but other can share a single Datacap Twin Tran through a cash register network known as IRC. Of course using IRC and sharing a single Datacap saves money when setting up a system.

The Datacap devices are mostley deployed in high speed applications with a telephone copnnection back up. Most transaction take 2 to 4 seconds in the high speed mode.

There are great reasons to integrate your Cash Register with Credit Card Payments Directly
  • Speeds up transactions
  • Reduces errors because it eliminates the double entry in traditional systems.
  • Greatly reduces Credit Card Fraud because you can not run a credit card without first entering the sale on your cash register
  • Reduces time spent in balancing reports
With the right Merchant Services you can also interface to gift card payments and even offer your own private label gift card solution. The gift card industry continues to boom and you can take advantage of the application for your own small business.

Here are a couple Places that specilize in Cash Register Credit Card Interfaces and probably have more expierance in this field then any other dealer in the US.

    Datacap Twin Tran Flow Chart