Monday, October 18, 2021

Are you looking for an upgrade path for the SAM4s SPS-2000 system?


The SAP-6600II is the upgrade path for the SPS-2000 system

The SAP-6600II with SAM4pos is the SPS-2000 replacement System

Probably like many others you have been searching for a great replacement for the SPS-2000 POS system you have probably been using for many years.  I don't blame you at all for looking for a replacement in the same family of products because you probably have been using your system for a long time. It is very common for us to hear from a end-user that has been using the SPS-2000 for 10, or 15 years and its still going. Well if that is your situation too first let me say congratulations, you have gotten a hell of an ROI of your original investment and second I would wonder why you would be looking at anything other than another SAM4s product.

Take a good look at the SAP-6600II and you will find it is the logical replacement for your current POS system. 

There are so many reasons to replace your old system with this new one I thought I would list some of them right here so you can see how similar to the SPS-2000 it is but with some great improvements.

  1. This is a self contained system, no cloud required.
  2. You can purchase this system outright instead of a monthly rental like so many systems on the market today.
  3. You can use any credit card merchant services you would like or none at all. 
  4. This system work in retail or restaurants just like the old one.
  5. Many optional interfaces and add-ons like bar code scanning, kitchen printer, kitchen video, credit card interface, gift card interface, scale, bar code printer and others.
Now lets look at some of the improvements from the SPS-2000 you will find in the SAP-6600II system that you wish you always had, well now you can!
  1. Emailed end of day reports
  2. Reprint Z reports from any days you would like
  3. Mobile reporting app for your phone
  4. 100K UPC capacity
  5.  Interface a bar code printer directly
  6. Searchable PLU's/UPC's that can also be copied and pasted into new items. 
  7. Remote Support
  8. More rear display choices
  9. and many more.

You should reach out and talk to us about upgrading your system

I know this article may sound to good to be true, I can assure you it is not. We have been upgrading people from the older system to this newer one now for about four years with great success. Find out for yourself. Call us at 800-863-2274 or contact us via email here to schedule a free no obligation online or onsite demonstration and you will see we have taken a really good product that lasted for years and turned it into an even better system that should also have a very long life. Check it out online here

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