Friday, June 9, 2017

Do you want a FREE cash register?

Free Cash Registers from SAM4s and the Cash Register Guys.

When you sign up for a merchant services account with Sterling Payments systems through NBS or the Cash Register Guys you can receive a free cash register. Yes FREE, not a rental or a monthly payment.

Also available are the higher end SAM4s cash registers for as low as $349.00 when you sign up with Sterling. We are not talking about cheap low end cash registers here, we are talking about the best high end cash registers on the market like the SAM4s SPS-520R which is one of the best retail POS systems on the market.

If you are going to take credit cards and you are crazy if you don't you have to sign up for merchant services. Might as well use a company that is going to give you competitive rates, good service and a great cash register for free of low cost.

Find out more about our Free Cash Register program. Please call us at 800-863-2274 for the details.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SAM4s cash register Programming and Support

Our company supports SAM4s cash registers all over North America. SAM4s cash registers are supported by dealers not the SAM4s company. If you are in need of programming help, repairs or upgrading give us a call for a quote. Our minimum fee includes 30 minutes support via the phone, which we find is enough to solve most issues. You can call us and let us know and we can give you an idea of how much time we think would be involved. You can reach us at 800-863-2274 or on the web at SAM4s Cash Register Support

Don't waste time and money trying to figure it out when a small fee can get you up and running in not time at all.