Monday, September 21, 2015

Is your SAM4s Cash Register EMV Ready

SAM4s SPS-530F with credit card interface

Chances are your SAM4s cash register is not yet ready for the EMV credit card liability switch. We are just now starting to deploy EMV ready devices for all the current line of SAM4s cash registers. The following list is a few things to be considered

  • You will need to upgrade to an EMV enabled Datacap such as the Tran Server 
  • You will require a Verifone pin pad with EMV 
  • You SAM4s cash register's ROM will need to be upgraded.
If you would like to get started upgrading your SAM4s to become EMV ready give us a call so we can get you in the queue for upgrade. 1-800-863-2274 of visit SAM4s cash registers and EMV