Wednesday, October 14, 2020

When do you buy Cash Register Express instead of a SAM4s cash register?


Cash Register Express
Cash Register Express Screen

When should you buy a POS system instead of a cash register?

We get this question often and yes there are times when a POS system such as Cash Register Express also know as PC America makes more sense than a SAM4s offering. However you should really delve into whether or not you need those options. Many people want to know what are the difference and when should we select one over the other. While not always a simple answer there is one very large deciding factor that could make that choice easy for you. Do you need real inventory control with reordering? Do you need your system to alert you to what inventory items you require, tell you where you buy them and track the cost of goods sold? If so than you should be leaning to a fully integrated inventory control POS system.

To inventory or not to inventory, that is the question!

Many retailers plan to track inventory and use a system that can tell them based on a preset minimum quantity of an individual item. In a POS system that is well set up you also link items to primary vendors so you can easily create a purchase based on a vendor. If this is something you want to do than the Cash Register Express POS Package maybe better suited for you instead of a register.