Thursday, October 31, 2019

Upgrade your SAM4s SPS-520 cash register

Upgrade your SPS-520 to the new SAP-630R for new features

Have you had your SPS-520 or 530 for years? Are you ready for some fresh new features your register is missing? Well your wait is over now that the SAP-630 is here. The new 630 brings us features you have always wanted in the same durable fast platform.

We can transfer your existing UPC database to your new register

Like most users you may have dozens of hours if not more programming UPC's into your old register. When you upgrade to the new SAP-630 cash register we will transfer the UPC file you have been building for years. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars of labor and time, maybe more. Because we do it so often it is easy for us and we can help you too.

Plan your migration to the new platform now before it's too late

We talk to owners nearly every day that have been using their registers for ten plus years. Have you really thought about the value you gained by using a system for that long? If so you would never use anything other that SAM4s cash registers. While all the SPS-500 series are easy to back up we are surprised how few people do. So if you are using a machine that has been in service for a long time take the steps now for a smooth transition. Call us at 800-863-274 to get started on your new system and find out how we can upgrade your SPS-520 

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