Monday, October 14, 2019

Can the SAM4s SPS-345 replace the SPS-520RT for Convenience Stores?

For many years now the SAM4s SPS-520RT was the go to register for the convenience store market. That all changed of course last year when all of the SPS-500 series registers were discontinued and replaced with the SAP-630R Android cash register. Without a doubt the new offering does fill the vacuum left behind with the demise of the SPS-500 series. The rub is the cost, which is much higher than the old standard. So you do have choices, you can spend more for the updated version or take a step back with a lower model the SPS-345. Will it work for you? Lets look at the pros and cons. We are seeing a slight uptick in SPS-345 sales in the absence of the 500 series.

The SPS-345 Cash Register was always in the shadow of the popular 500 series. Can it step in and fill the void? Well it comes pretty close and for some users close enough. Here are the pros to going with a SPS-345 for your scanning system.

  • 20K UPC (with proper allocation)
  • Receipt and Journal Tape
  • 21 button keyboard
  • Mix and match pricing
  • Bottle Deposit
  • EBT/Food Stamp Function
  • Supports many popular bar code scanners
  • Interfaces with scales
  • Credit Card interface via the Datacap and SmartECR
  • EMV ready
  • Gift Card Ready
  • PC Interface
  • Text Inserter
So as you can see the SPS-345 checks off a lot of boxes many stores are looking for. What are the cons you are now asking. Well to be honest there are not many but they can be big depending on how you plan to use the register. Here are some highlights as I think about the weaknesses of this register. 

  • No Alpha overlay for standard keyboard. SPS-500 has alpha touch screen for product description so much easier to name the products. 
  • No Ethernet port, which may or not be an issue for you. As an example you could not program this register via the internet without the use of a serial to IP adapter.
  • No Touch Screen 

Those are the most glaring features the 345 is missing. I'm sure there are a few more but likewise probably a few more pros I have overlooked too. Bottom line is this machine will work for the majority of local markets and corner stores. Keep in mind it also is affordable at about $750 plus a scanner. So account for cost and it is a real bargain. If you think maybe this is not enough of a register for you then check out our earlier post of the SAP-630R register or if you would like more information check out The SPS-345 bar code scanning cash register here. 

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