Wednesday, February 23, 2022

How to backup your SAM4s SAP-630R and SAP-630F

 Simple Backup instructions for your SAM4s SAP-630 Terminal    

Making backups is an important part of managing your point of sale system. There is no reason to neglect this task especially when it is so easy to do. This video is for making an on-the-fly back up to a flash drive, but there are other methods you should be doing as well and we will make some videos of those soon. How often you back up your system is up to you of course but the more the better. One of the reasons we were motivated to create the videos this week was having a client that just had their cash register stolen right off the counter. When they recovered it sadly it was in pieces. If you are using these systems as standalone terminals which is popular you may not have any other back up if you elected not to back up in an automated process (which we recommend). If you have any questions please let us know. 800-863-2274 

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