Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The SAM4s SAP-630R using Scan Data Can Drive More Sales in Your Store


This Cash Register is Designed for C-Stores Interfaces with Scan Data

The SAM4s SAP-630R is the first cash register on the market that works with Scan Data., yep you read that right. This entry level bar code scanning system allows you to use the popular Scan Data program available from Altria, RJR, and ITG. Tapping into a program like this allows you to compete with the big chains because you will be able to offer multi-pack and loyalty discounts and or promotions to your customers and keep them coming back to your store for everything. 

Use Multi-Pack and Rebates the Tobacco Companies Loyalty Programs Offer to Bring in Your Customers More Often 

Without the rebates, it is becoming harder to compete in the highly competitive tobacco industry. Retailers must ensure age verification and purchase histories to qualify for the full discounts for multi-pack (https://bandyworks.com/blog/the-key-to-increasing-cigarette-sales-is-multi-pack-discounts/­) and loyalty purchases that allow competitive pricing (https://bandyworks.com/blog/scan-data-increases-tobacco-sales/). Many operators report profits increasing by several thousand dollars per store each month. Just a year ago you could not use powerful tools like these with an entry level cash register, but that has all changed with the SAM4s SAP-630R and SAP-6600II system. Both of these POS systems are affordable while having the features only found in much higher end systems before. 

Do you want to know how you can start using the Scan Data Program? 

This program is not for all retailers. To qualify, a tobacco reseller must have a contract with Altria, RJR, or ITG. The contract specifies pricing terms and product placement conditions along with the requirements for discounts for year-long multi-pack discounts and seasonal loyalty discounts. The scan data discounts are in addition to the existing buy-downs and allow the retailer to offer the same pricing options as the national chains when purchasing 2 packs of tobacco products such as Marlboro, Newport, Grizzly, Copenhagen, and other products such as vapor and even tobacco cessation. Of course you have to have a POS system that interfaces and is approved as well and now SAM4s SAP-630R works with the Scan Data Program. For more information please call us at 800-863-2274 or click on any of the above links for additional information.  

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