Thursday, November 4, 2021

The Verifone P400 Pin Pad works with most SAM4s registers and POS systems, but.....


Are you looking for a Next Gen Pin Pad for your SAM4s?

If you are then look no further that right here. The Verifone P400 is a PCI PTS 5.x approved pin pad that will future proof your business for a while. We began deploying this pin pad several months ago and we really like it so far. It is more affordable than the Ingenico models that came out last year and that is with a color touch screen. This is a great value pin pad with all the modern features of course like NFC, EMV etc etc.

There is a catch though, it is not compatible with the legacy Datacap devices, only the new devices.

While this is only a concern if you already use a Datacap Tran Server, Twin Tran or IP Tran LT and need a new pin pad. If that is the case you will want to look at the Ingenico Lane 3000 or 5000. However, if this is for a new deployment, no problem. You will pair the P400 with Datacap's new NETePay Hosted PDC that we have been deploying with SAM4s registers now for a couple months now (Starting in 2021). 

If you have questions you can contact us at 800-863-2274 regarding compatibility with SAM4s and processors.

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