Thursday, October 5, 2017

New SAM4s Cash Register is a perfect low cost scanning system.

SAM4s ER-260EJ cash register
The newest cash register from SAM4s is the ER-260EJ model and it offers a lot of features in a small package. Don't let the small price tag fool you about this register. Check out these features:

  • Raised Keyboard designed for retail stores
  • Supports up to 8500 UPC's or PLU's
  • Interfaces with all the popular Honeywell and Code bar code scanners
  • Program and take reports with FREE software with Ethernet connection!  
  • Integrated Scale interface
  • Credit card interfaces with Datacap and Smart ECR from Sterling
  • Starting at $359.95 
This is a perfect solution for the retailer that does not want to get locked into a monthly payment contract that most Tablet POS system require. This makes the total cost of ownership so much lower for this cash register compared to the cloud based systems. Another great feature is the free software that you can program the register with and take reports. 

If you want to find out more about this affordable register system that is a perfect for for C-Stores, Fire work stands and stores, liquor stores, smoke shops and more then give us a call at 800-863-2274 or click the following link for more information on the SAM4s ER-260EJ cash register.

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