Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Are Tablet POS systems really the dinosaur and not cash registers like everyone thought?

If you have been reading tech news you may have noticed that several of the Cloud Based POS systems are losing money faster thank they can sell system or receive additional venture capital. Take for an example Revel POS systems a popular tablet based cloud POS system was featured in an article from reforming retail. Here is the article where Revel POS is reported to be losing 20 to 25 million dollars a year  and now another one where Revel appears to be making a switch to forcing customers to use their merchant services because they are still losing money. This article points out Revel is trying to leverage Merchant Services to try and make a profit 

Savvy business owners are quickly doing the math and realizing that cloud based system really don't add up. The total cost of ownership is pretty high when you take $80 per month for ten years. Do you really want to pay $9600.00 for a cloud based POS system over ten years? If you bought a license instead or monthly you probably would have paid $1000.00 plus software updates and upgrades saving you thousands of dollars and you would have had good local support.

Before you put your head in the cloud check out more sustainable solutions like SAM4s cash registers or a perpetual POS license. 

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