Tuesday, February 5, 2019

How to select a bar code scanner for your SAM4s cash register

Here we explain the differences between bar code scanners that work with your SAM4s cash register. For more information about selecting a bar code scanner for your SAM4s cash register visit this site.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Mobile App released for SAM4s Cash Register

SAM4s has released their mobile reporting application for the following models:

  • SAP-530F
  • SAP-530R
  • SAP-630F
  • SAP-630R
  • SAP-4800II
  • SAP-6600
This application is available for Android and iOS. Finally you have a way to get instant reports from your cash register right to your phone anywhere you are. This is a great feature that cash registers have needed for a very long time. This is why SAM4s means Store Automation Made Simple!

For more information on this or any other SAM4s cash register be sure to visit us or call 800-863-2274

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Adjust the screen contrast on the SAM4s SPS-300 series registers

This happens to be one of the SAM4s troubleshooting calls we get every day. The cashier screen on one of the following models has gone blank. This happens to the SPS-320, SPS-340 and the SPS-345 but the cashier has no idea what caused it or how to fix. The good news is in my experience 99% of the time the cashier has inadvertently adjusted the contrast so much the screen can no longer be read. Good news is there is nothing broken, just adjust the contrast and you are good to go again. Check out the video for the directions. We have all the current models of SAM4s cash register available at discount prices. 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

SAM4s SAM4pos Android System versus Clover in a Convenience Store

SAM4s Android Cash Register System
We have been replaced the Clover POS in quite a few retail stores lately. We don't sell the Clover so we don't know all the features but here is a list of what our customers told us they were replacing the Clover with a SAM4pos system.

  • SAM4s includes a Food Stamp / EBT sorting system. This means you can ring up the entire sale together and when the customer wants to pay with EBT the SAM4s EBT features displays the amount of the sale that is EBT qualified and reverses the  sales tax. The system allows you to then pay of the EBT amount and then the remainder with Cash, Check Charge
  • Mix and Match Pricing. We have been told be several clients replacing the Clover that it does not support Mix and Match pricing like the SAM4s does. What does this mean? Well if you ever run a sale on an item where the price is reduced when a customer buys multiple items and receive a discount ie buy one Monster for $2.00 or three for $5.00 the SAM4s will automatically change the price when the third Monster is scanned at any time in the transaction.
  • Our SAM4s customers love the keyboard on the SAP-530R because when they need to enter a price or UPC number you have a tactile keyboard instead of only a touch screen. Hands down a raided keyboard is fater than a touch screen all day long when you need to enter amounts or numbers. Why do you think most grocery stores still keep a keyboard as part of their POS system. 
  • The SAM4s customer also loves the fact that they can buy the SAM4pos App instead of paying for it forever. Unlike the Clover that makes you pay monthly for the software (App) forever SAM4s gives you both options, buy it outright or monthly whichever option that works best for you.
  • Our SAM4s customers are really happy that they can keep their Data in the system or in the cloud unlike Clover who only allows Data to be stored in the cloud and the Clover system only works when connected to the Internet. The SAM4s never needs the Internet and only stores Data in the cloud if you want it to. Many people don't like their data in someone elses hands in the cloud.
For more information call us at 800-863-2274 or visit us at our SAM4s cash register page 

Friday, November 16, 2018

SAM4s cash register manuals and keyboard templates available for free

I often hear from people in search of a keyboard template for the SAM4s cash register of something else. Have you ever needed a manual, cable guide or even software for your cash register and can't seem to find it online?

Well no longer will you need to search in vain for those resources. A new page has been published at the CRG's that has all the resources you could use for almost all the current models and many of the retired models. Visit the site for here when looking for a manual or download for a SAM4s cash register. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

SAM4s SPS-320 Manual

SAM4s SPS-320 cash register
The Cash Register guys are posting free manuals for download on the site which is all about SAM4s cash registers. You can find the manual for the SAM4s SPS-320 on the Free Manual page. While the manual is provided at no cost please do not call them looking for free support if you did not buy your register from them.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

SAM4s SPS-520R is being replaced by the SAP-520R

The SPS-520R has been one of the best selling cash registers in the SAM4s line. It has been retired to make way for the newest and most advanced cash register ever made. The SAP-530R is the model succeeding the SPS-520R.

The differances are dramatic at best except for the cabinet. The first thing you will notice is the SAP-530R has a 10" touch screen and a receipt printer only. When you understand this machine you will probably agree those are the most minor changes. The big leap forward is the SAM4s SPS-530R is an Android device and is powered by the SAM4pos POS App.

No more will you have to "Z" out the machine between days if you don't want to. You can take reports by date range. How about end of day reports emailed to you? To top it off with an optional hand held tablet that works as a POS terminal, data collector or both!

SAM4s has hit one out of the park with this model. Learn more by calling us at 800-863-2274 or visit SAM4s Cash Registers for more information.