Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Samsung and SAM4s Cash Registers

SAM4s Cash Registers (formerly known as Samsung) are fantastic cash registers. They range in price from a $250.00 ish to $2000.00 SAM4s registers include many feature that are options in other makes. The options they do offer are affordable and much more cost effective then some other register makes.

Two of the best sources for SAM4s Cash Registers are The Cash Register Guys and Point of sale estore both sites offer the entire line of SAM4s Cash Registers as well as service and support.

The way I understand it is that Samsung never made cash registers but had them made and marketed under their name. However Samsung decided to get out of the Cash Register biz for some reason. So when they did the company that always made the Samsung registers (sorry I can't pronounce their name or know how to spell it) decided they wanted to sell the cash registers directly. So they decided to name the line SAM4s and market the same cash registers and new models worldwide. I don't know where they got the name as it is horrible, but the machines are great! They have been coming out with new models and features and very good prices! So bottom line Bad name, great products!

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