Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Credit Card Interface with SAM4s Cash Registers

So many people ask me about interfacing credit card payments to SAM4s Cash Registers. Integrated Credit Card Cash Registers have been around for some time now. Many of the SAM4s Cash Registers have an optional Integrated Credit Card Feature.

There is only one company that I know of that makes a credit card terminal that interfaces to a Cash Register. That company is Datacap Systems. Their products include the Datacap 162SL 162ML, IPTran, No Load Twin Tran, and the Autoload Twin Tran. The Datacap products are not like traditional credit card terminals, they only work when interfaced to a Cash Register.

The Datacap device connects to a serial port on the SAM4s Cash Register. When connected the cash register will print the credit card draft on its printer, and of course you use the 10 pad of the cash register for all numeric entry.

When you Integrate Credit Card Payments to Cash Registers you can make more money by reducing 10 key errors because the cash register will already know they amount of the sale. Also it can eliminate fraud because credit card transactions must be registered in the cash register before the credit card can be processed. This will keep cashiers from running a credit card without ringing it up in the cash register, which is often how cashiers steal cash from the till. Also it is often used by stealing cashiers to run a customers card again after they leave and remove cash from the till.

Integrated Credit Card Payments often times are faster then using a cash register and a standalone credit card terminal. Again because there is no reason to re-enter amounts, and when you use a high speed Datacap the transaction could take as little as 4 seconds.

Many SAM4s Cash Registers can also interface to several Gift Card programs when you already have the credit card interface.

Click here to learn more about Interfacing Credit Card Payments to SAM4s Cash Registers with Datacap Terminals.

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