Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Currently the SAM4s Mobile Application is available for free with purchase of a SAM4s SAP Model

As of today 10/8/2019 the SAM4s Mobile App is included at no cost with a purchase of a SAP model POS terminal. This app allows you to contact the terminal from anywhere in the world for up to the minute sales reports.

The SAP models include the following models:

  • SAP-630F
  • SAP-630R
  • SAP-6600
Their is a SAP model for every type of business. The SAP-630R was specifically designed for retail and makes an incredible convenience store cash register while the 630F was made for the food service industry. The SAP-6600 is equally at home in either restaurants or retail environments

For more information of to buy your SAM4s register while the mobile app is available at no additional charge call us at 800-863-2274. 

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