Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SAM4s Tablet POS system saves you money vs. other tablet POS systems

Tabby Tablet POS system
Are you looking for a Tablet based POS system? Then you should look at the Tabby POS systems from SAM4s. It is the only Tablet POS system that does not rely on the Internet at all. The Tabby is 100% standalone and another benefit is there is NO MONTHLY fee. You buy the Tabby and you own it, no $79.00 or $99.00 a month forever like so many of the systems out there. Another thing to take into account is you can use any merchant services you want to use, you like your current merchant services? Then you should keep them!

All the other Tablet systems are trying to lock you into an expensive merchant services and monthly service contract. The Tabby also works on all mobile devices like a Galaxy or iPad and you supply whatever you want.

Before you lock yourself into a costly monthly program call us at 800-863-2274 or visit us to look at the tablet POS system from SAM4s

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