Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Program your SAM4s ER-5215M Cash Register Tax Rate

Here is how you program the tax rate on his SAM4s ER-5215M cash register. Easy task when you have the programming manual. In the manual this is on page 90. But here is a quick guide to programming tax on the SAM4s ER-5215M cash register. In this example I'm going to set tax rate 1 at 8.5% in a simple flat rate tax NO GST and NO VAT like most states sales taxes are set up. If in doubt make sure and check with you state department of revenue of the rate and type of sales tax you should be collecting. Check with your own CPA or bookkeeper as well!

OK here goes

  1. Key To P (program mode)
  2. Enter 8.50000 Press "Tax Shift 1" Press "Cash"
Your done, make sure and turn the key out of P to R and test!

Couple quick notes lets say you wanted to change Tax Rate #2 not 1 then replace "Tax Shift 1" with the "Tax Shift 2" button if Tax 3 then use Tax Shift 3, if tax 4 then use Tax shift 4. Pretty easy huh!

If you tax was 8% your first entry would be 8.00000 or 9.25% it would have been 9.25000 again pretty easy huh!

Keep in mind THIS DOES NOT MAKE A DEPARTMENT OR PLUS TAXABLE IT SIMPLY SETS THE RATE. You must program the tax status of a group or PLU to make it taxable or not and that is a different post!

remember do this at your own risk. If you need help seek out a cash register company but be pre-pared a few bucks for their help!


Jeff said...

I have a problem with canceling a Clerk interupt transaction. When I go back to the original transaction can I cancel it if the interupting clerk completed the sale?

Dave said...

Jeff you had to dig deep to come up with that questions! LOL

I think the answer is yes after the transaction that interupted is over you should be back in the transaction you were in so the cancel button should be an option at that time. Sorry my demo machine is not programmed with that option so I could not test. Sorry could not be of more help SAM4s Cash Registers

Coach Fat Ass said...

Hi, need to program a 10% discount key for my sam4s-er 5215m register,
would like to hsve the ability to apply discount on individusl items in a sale tally

Artsea Gallery & Goods said...

Hi Dave,

I am trying to program a plu key for tax rate N1 (on a Sam4s ER5200M). However, I am totally confused by the instructions. There is no N1 key, If I just press 1 nothing happens and all tax shift keys result in an error. I'm sure this is simple but, what am I missing? Thanks for any help you can offer.


Dave said...

Wendy you enter a number for the value you want is N1 etc. For example look at page 100 for the values you would enter for each of the NX data. For Tax one you would enter 4 for the value of N1 If an item was Taxable by rate 1 and everything else was the same you would enter 100000000 the press X/Time

Hope that helps.

SAM4s ER-5200M Cash Register

Dave said...

Ray to program a discount on a SAM4s ER-5215M cash register look on page 141 program 70 the data in most cases would be n1=0, n2=0, n3=0, n4=0, n5=0, n6=0 that will set up the discount to be preset, item, non taxable. Adjust the data as needed. Note:See “Program 90 Instructions
for %1-%5 Keys” on page 143 to set the value for the percentage or amount.

SAM4s ER-5215M Cash Register

Eia said...

hi dave, i'm having troubl with my ER-5240M. I'm trying to program tax rate onto my 5240m and i've followed every instruction on the manuel but it hasnt helped me at all because when i hit the tax shift button it goes into error. I've tried everthing but if you can help me solve this problem it would be awesome. Thanks!

Dave said...

Eia, hard to say what the problem is with more detail. Could be you don't have the key in Pgm Mode, could be that you are still in the middle of a transaction in the R mode? Could be you are entering something wrong. Post again with the tax rate you are trying to set and I'll post the key by key instructions

SAM4s ER-5240M Cash Register

santos said...

Hi, I need to program a 10% discount key for my sam4s-er 5200m register,
Thank you.


Dave said...

Well first do program 70 on page 147 then Program 90 on page 126 they are both pretty easy

SAM4s ER-5200M

sybrand said...

Hi i bought a er 180 but have trouble to program this mashine i want to just press a key for like instans a hamburger and then like coke or chips how do i do that please help

Dave said...

That is very easy on that register. You have buttons and you program a pre-set price and a descriptor (180T Only) for each item, other programmable items include tax status and group link. Your dealer should help with that programming.

SAM4s Cash Registers

Steve Cudd said...

Is it possible to change the way vat is printed on a receipt. At present it says TAX1 on all receipts but customers are questioning this. Can it be changed to say VAT?

Dave said...

well look on page 150 of the manual and you will find this

Program 701 - Financial Report Descriptor Programming
The Financial Report selection allows you to reprogram the descriptors that appear with the Financial
Report totals and counters. For example, the first total on the financial report "+PLU TTL" represents
the total of all positive PLU entries. You might wish to re-label this total to say "FOOD SALES".
You can reprogram any of the Financial Report totals listed here with any 12-character descriptor.
1. Turn the control lock to the P position.
2. To begin the program, enter 7 0 1, press the SBTL key.

3. Refer to the chart on the next page and enter the number that represents the line you wish
to program; press the X/TIME key.

4. Enter up to 18 three-character codes and press the X/TIME key. (See “Descriptor Code
Chart” on page 102.)

5. Press the CASH key to finalize the p

Not sure if that will change it on the receipt though so you will have to try it out and see.

SAM4s Cash Registers

Krishan said...

I have a problem with the tax rate. Here in the Netherlands when we sell someting the tax is included. Currently it is 21%. So if I sell someting for 1€ the rate on the receipt should be 0.21. But it keeps printing a tax rate of 17%. That is tax = 0.17. I have set the correct tax rate (this noted on the receipt, it says 21.000%). Any idea how to fix this?


Dave said...

Krishan maybe you programmed the wrong tax rate? That machine has 4 different rates/tables that can be used. Maybe the item you are selling is taxed by rate #1 and you programmed rate#2?

Program all the rates the same and see what happens or go into the programming of the item you are testing and make certain it is being taxed by the correct rate.

SAM4s Cash Register

Wendi Wu said...

Is there a post on how to make the PLUs taxable? Everything I preset into the keyboard PLU is taxable so is there any way that I can just add tax to the overall total, instead of clicking TAX1 before all the PLUs? Thank you.

Wendi Wu said...

Hi, is there a post on how to make the PLUs taxable or do you know what page in the manual it is on? I have a 920 and everything is taxable. I want to just add tax to the subtotal instead of having to click TAX1 before every PLU entry. Thank you.

Dave said...

Wendi we don't have a post on that topic. You will want to make every taxable PLU taxable by tax rate 1 and it will apply whate ever rate you have programmed into tax rate 1 without you having to press anything else.

If you purchased your cash register from us I would be happy to walk you through programming a few of them if you call us. If you did not buy from us we can still help however the support is chargeable.

If the person you bought it from won't help you then return the register and buy from someone that offers support like us.

SAM4s ER-920 cash register

CraigKomedia said...


I having programming issues with my Sam 4s er-500m.

I'm struggling with clerk numbers and clearing the grand totals. the till was bought by our parent venue, so didn't come with a manual but I can't seem to find anything useful in any online manuals.

All help would be greatly appreciated!

Dave said...

The manual is online. However the GT in most cases should not be reset. You can find the manual here SAM4s ER-5215M cash register manual

Jeff Steele said...

I need to add a 10% discount to my new SAMS4 530 register. How do I do that?



Dave said...

Jeff, the discount programming on the SAM4s SPS-530 is pretty simple. You should decide which button you will be using or place on if it is not already there. You then will have the choice of pre-set or open, percentage or fixed as well as taxable or non-taxable. All of this can be done directly through the touch screen

If you bought you register through us let me know and we could have a tech walk you through the process. If not you should ask your dealer to help you.

SAM4s SPS-530 FT cash register

Steven Dennis said...

The default setting for a tax description is t1, t2, t3, etc.

How can I change it to say something else?

Dave said...

Well you can change it in the reports however I think on the receipt it stays the same. To change it is Program 701 - Financial Report Descriptor Programming
The Financial Report selection allows you to reprogram the descriptors that appear with the Financial Report totals and counters. For example, the first total on the financial report "+PLU TTL" represents
the total of all positive PLU entries. You might wish to re-label this total to say "FOOD SALES". You can reprogram any of the Financial Report totals listed here with any 12-character descriptor.

Page 150 of the 5215M manual.

SAM4s cash registers

Kim said...

Hi Dave,

I just bought an ER-5215M register and I wanted at add clerk numbers to my machine. When I was changing clerk descriptors, it says you can enter the clerk number 1-99 however when I try 11 or up the register says exceeds limit. How can I get more clerks on my register? I already tried drawer assignment and I come up with the same problem...



Dave said...

Kim, you may need to allocate memory for additional clerks on the SAM4s ER-5215M. Be warned however that in most SAM4s registers when you allocate memory after programming you lose the programming you have already done. I don't change the memory on this model often at all so I'm not 100% sure but be prepared.

First check the memory settings by taking a Memory Allocation Scan page 79 of the manual. If you find it is 11 that is the problem. If that is the case you can allocate more cashiers if you have memory available on page 78 and again remember my warning you could lose everything you programmed or maybe just the clerks.

If you bought the machine from us I'd be happy to walk you through it over the phone.

SAM4s ER-5215M cash register

SJ said...

Register Er 5215M does not open when the total sale goes more than $100. Help me to fix this problem.
Swinderjit Singh

Dave said...

SJ, I can't think of anything in the regular operations that would do that. Maybe you programmed the Cash key to have a HALO in place? That means High amount Lockout. Not even sure if that is option on Cash button programming, however to test next sale over 100 dollars it errors try tendering $99.00 and pressing cash and see if that lowers the amount due and then enter the remainder of the sale and press cash. If that does it you have a HALO set. You can call for chargeable support 1-800-863-2274 SAM4s cash registers

David Fudge said...

Hi There,

Machine - Sam4s Er-900 Series

I have programmed the 1% key to give a 10% discount when pressed. I can apply this on individual items but not on the sub total? When I try I get a "Warning Sequence Error" message.

Any idea how I can make this possible?


Dave said...

Jenny, that is done with a macro key. We do offer programming support for a fee at 800-863-2274 SAM4s er-5215M cash register

Dave said...

David the ER-900 can be programmed to have item or sale on discounts but not both. If you want both you have to add another discount button. We offer SAM4s tech support at 800-863-2274 for a fee unless purchased from us directly.

Diane from TheThirsty Soul said...

SAMSUNG ER-5115 SAM4S CASH REGISTER - I can not turn the Key to the P position - all other positions the Key turns to except that one (where I need to change the date).

Dave said...

Diane, you are using the wrong key, you must have a "p" or "c" key to turn the mode lock into the program position. You can order replacment keys for a SAM4s cash register here I know this link is for the 5215M but keys are the same.


hi dave i have er-5240m cash register and i want to update company name. how do i do that please help thanks

Dave said...

If it is a text message you simply reprogram the logo message. It is programmed by line number. If you have a graphic logo loaded you will need to replace it with a PC and the utility software.

We also have techs that can walk you through the logo message re-programming. You can reach them at 1-800-863-2274 and keep in mind we do charge for support.

We offer SAM4s cash register programming help and support